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115 Main Street, Maynard, MA

Studio InSitu is a Design Review Consultant under contract with the Town of Maynard Office of Municipal Services' Planning Board. In that capacity, we believe our work on the concept model below has aimed the developer's proposal closer to the goals and the spirit of Maynard's Downtown Mixed-Use Overlay District. The developer's plans may be available through inquiry to the Town Planner's Office.

On the site of the former Gruber Brothers' Furniture Store, MacDonald Development Inc proposes a new apartment block of approximately 30 units.

The site resides within the town's Downtown Mixed-Use Overlay District. The purpose of this district is to improve the cohesion and certain other civic qualities of the fabric of the downtown environment. Projects which make robust and sensitive contributions to this fabric can earn permission for a commensurate increase in the quantity of residential units (a valuable 'density bonus') beyond that density allowed by the underlying zoning.

This model illustrates the compromise 7th scheme Studio InSitu developed to seek a synergy of the Town's and MacDonald's interests. The developer has integrated the promenade and site strategy into their proposal, designed by Peter Karb Architects (and represented by other models and other drawings on PKA title block).

What does it take to earn a substantial density bonus?

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