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El Huipil celebrates the Maynard Basin

Prompted by successful outdoor celebrations of Cinco de Mayo in 2015 and 2016, a permanent seasonal outdoor service area has been layed-out on the North side of El Huipil Mexican Restaurant. Much of this same area was used until recently by Aubuchon Hardware for receiving deliveries, stocking bulk goods and materials and providing a second access to their operation to the exclusion of all other uses of this town-owned land. We believe our project on our little corner of The Basin can begin the work of unlocking the greater Basin's potential as both powerful connective tissue and clear focal point to our Cultural District and the Town of Maynard at large. Our plan clarifies vehicular and pedestrian circulation, improves the safety of parking, and connects The Basin to Main Street while finding 'lost' space for an inviting and expressive cultural commercial use. The layout was approved earlier this summer, and El Huipil was granted a license to control the parcel. Our project is consistent with recent efforts and studies including Maynard’s Community Development Principles, the 2014 study “Downtown Maynard; Exploring the Potential to Grow a Food, Culture, and Entertainment Destination”, the vision articulated in the initiatives of the pending Assabet Village Cultural District, as well as the town’s embrace of Complete Streets principles. Some components of our plan impact municipal infrastructure and fall under the purview of the DPW. That department has chosen to execute work including the striping of travel lanes, re-striping of parking spaces, construction of the concrete sidewalk and granite curb, and associated work.


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