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Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects

Winter Wainscot

Lincoln, MA


Builder: D.B. Schroeder & Co. Inc.
Cabinetmaker: Walter Lane, LLC



Tim Hess and Jeff Dearing for DSA Architects

Interior Design Collaborator: Tricia Upton Interiors


Photographer: Greg Premru
Photo Stylist: Stephanie Rossi


This project started small, with the clients’ desire to remodel the existing kitchen. When our analysis of the existing conditions revealed the extent to which the house’s many previous additions had failed to enrich each other or unify the whole, the scope of work bloomed to include extensive renovations throughout the first floor. We’ve sought to bring a cohesion and clarity to this already commodious house quite beautifully sited.

Much of the design attention in this project was focused on meetings and overlaps. The autonomy and dignity of individual spaces was restored with the creation and use of interstitial spaces; the spaces between. The doorway between kitchen and dining becomes a display pantry and wetbar, the entry foyer is framed with a narrower opening, and the way to the Living Room is re-shaped with a paneled deep jamb.


The story is recounted in the January / February 2013 edition of New England Home.

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