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Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects

Sports Illustrated Cafe

Las Vegas, NV


design team:

Tim Hess

David Jablonka

Lisa Bianco

all for Haverson Architecture and Design

Pitched to Time-Life as the flagship campus of the first and foreover premiere National Sports-Themed Entertainment Complex, the proposed Sports Illustrated World combined iconograhpy of stadia, broadcasting, footwear, and the famous SI swimsuit issue to craft an inviting and cohesive world of sports participation, fandom, and culture.


SI declined, and ushered-in the era of ESPN's dominance. (Sort-of!)

IInSitu principal Tim Hess joined Haverson Architecture and Design immediately after the break-up of the themed-restaurant pioneering firm Haverson-Rockwell. Working closely with Jay Haverson, Tim lead the new studio in developing design proposals for several prominant consumer brands. Motown and Harley-Davidson went ahead. Proposals for Sports Illustrated, Fashion Cafe, Kent Cyber-Cafe, and Madison Square Garden Live! did not.

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