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Studio InSitu - Shed Studio
Studio InSitu - Shed Studio
Studio InSitu - Shed Studio
Studio InSitu - Shed Studio
tiny house shed
Studio InSitu - Shed Studio

Slipped Shed Studio

South Dartmouth, MA


Builder: Hallett "Scoop" Jones


design team:

Tim Hess, Design Principal

Nathan Sawyer, Justin Mellow

all for DSA Architects


photographs: Tim Hess


Slipped Shed Studio was recognized with an

Honorable Mention for Design Excellence in the

2015 Honor Awards program of the

Central Massachusetts chapter of the

American Institute of Architects

A familiar vocabulary of traditional forms and materials slants gently toward the sun and views up the Slocum River. The cantilevered roof and upper storey shelter the south-facing glass from high summer sun.


The concrete floor absorbs energy from low winter sun during the daytime to release it at night. Walls of exposed studs inside are wrapped and sealed with a continuous plane of insulation applied outside the structural sheathing.

This simple house manifests some of the highest virtues to which we aspire in our work:  Honesty, Humility, Dignity, Frugality.



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