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A part of a newly invigorated downtown stretch, the Sanctuary venue and newly configured spaces within attempt to reflect the period detail and drama of the historic building. The original hall or nave was a simple, relatively austere space that retained its original stained glass windows. The owner wanted to enrich the space with period moldings and trim while updating the facilities for performances, weddings and events. Several schemes were developed to add a bar, ADA bathrooms and a commercial kitchen. 

The blue bar was of particular concentration for configuration; we hoped to allow enough seating and lounge space but still have a large enough bar to take on the demands of a large wedding party. We decided to clad the space head to toe in a rich, regal blue. The hardwood floors, leather and other lush natural materials are creatively combined to construct areas that are weighty and full of substance. The palette is decidedly dark yet earthy with variations of blue, gold and cream tones.


Studio InSitu Architects, Inc.: Tim Hess, Joshua LaLiberte, Natalie Leighton, Alex McManus

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