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Studio InSitu
Studio InSitu Architects

Riverside Renovation

Hadley, MA

designed by Natalie Leighton


Builder: Woody Pistrich

Structural Engineer: Jacob Smith


Home to a couple of teachers since the early 1970's, this former hunting cabin on the Connecticut River has been given almost as many major improvements in that time as there have been summer vacations. It functions now as the homestead and emotional tap-root for a big extended family.


Until recently, the kitchen's original knotty pine paneling ran floor-to-ceiling and seemed to squeeze the dining space; the room felt especially narrow. 

Shortening the panels allowed an emphatic wainscot to bring attention to its own interior horizon line and also direct it outward to the far shore of the river beyond.


The plate rail delineates the top edge of a busy lower wainscot zone and frees up a calm upper zone for display and art.

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