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People in the Piene Farm neighborhood will live in small private homes gathered around a hilltop courtyard. Views over shared hillside gardens in the middle-distance will sweep out to the horizon, where the tower of the Groton School's chapel pierces the canopy, and Mt. Monadnock is visible. 


Around the courtyard, a wind turbine generates power, an amphitheater sculpts and graduates the storm-water detention pond, and a maple-ringed earth berm shelters parking for a few shared vehicles. 


Residents - including a jewelry-maker, musicians, painters, and a sculptor - keep small studios in their private homes and/or work in shared studios at The Barn. The flexible common building includes space for group activities like yoga, a stage for public performances, and a small gallery where the neighbor-artists' work is for sale to the public.


The project enables a group of six couples of artist-friends to retire in the comfort of each other's company and pursuits, with a quality-of-life enriched by the otherwise out-of-reach amenities which together they can afford.


Moonlight Studio: Tim Hess-Studio Director, Dillon Hanratty, Ann Walters, Briana McBride, Harry Solie, Todd Fulshaw, Sarah Naznik, Brandon Sylvia 

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