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Riverside Passive; Many Hands

Concord, MA

Ecocor, Todd Fulshaw, Studio InSitu


Construction Administration: Studio InSitu

Interiors: CC King and Studio InSitu

Lighting Design: Ripman Lighting Consultants, Inc.

Buiilder: Peck Construction

Custon cabinetry and Millwork: Corey Peck

photographs by Studio InSitu & Josh Gerritsen.

Driven by the passions and talents, convictions and values of our engineer and artist clients, this home seeks to express the reverence they feel for their place in the world.  Theirs is an inspiring example of good stewardship for the planet we all share; A responsibility we all owe to each other - and any others we hope might - over the long term - live here in the environment we have so radically abused for our own fleeting short-term.

As of February 2018, the family has moved-in while finishing touches continue. Watch this space as the house blooms more fully this Spring and Summer!

On the site of the family's long-time home in a mid-century neighborhood founded on cooperative values, this quirky and supremely energy-efficient house clears several very high bars. The river-side site brought close scrutiny from the town's Natural Resources Commission, the 2-foot thick building envelope contributes to an extraordinary HERZ rating, the massing and composition conduct their end of a dialog with natural and built aspects of the landscape and context.

The homeowners' goodwill and commitment attracted a small army of collaborators. InSitu's part in this project has been an unusual and challenging one for us. Originally designed by a Cambridge Firm, the envelope was re-configured by Ecocor High-Performance Buildings, and the plans and elevations re-composed by the Artist and Designer Todd Fulshaw. Signing-on six months into contruction, InSitu collaborated with builder, clients, structural engineer, steel fabricator and other designers and tradespeople to design and implement details to embody and enrich the established scheme. Diving in with details for two-dozen distinct conditions at the rainscreen alone, the team developed and refined eaves and rakes, roof decks and porches, interior and exterior steel stairs, acoustic ceiling panels, custom site-built cabinetry and millwork... and an underground storage shed.

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