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Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects
Studio InSitu Architects

Motown Cafes

cafes and prototypes

New York, Las Vegas, Orlando


Tim Hess, David Jablonka, Tim Koelle

Lisa Bianco, Bob Cardello

all for Haverson Architecture and Design

Icons of Motown's early successes are deployed and composed with muscle-car gestures to make an immersive experience of the record label's brand.

InSitu principal Tim Hess joined Haverson Architecture and Design immediately after the break-up of the themed-restaurant pioneering firm Haverson-Rockwell.

Working closely with Jay Haverson, Tim lead the new studio in developing design proposals for several prominant consumer brands. Motown and Harley-Davidson went ahead. Proposals for Sports Illustrated, Fashion Cafe, Kent Cyber-Cafe, and Madison Square Garden Live! did not.

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