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At the juncture where a sleek and austere 1969 kitchen-and-family-room addition met the original 1920s colonial revival house, two 30-inch wide pinch points clogged circulation and made an emphatic separation between new and old spaces.  


At that juncture this project intervenes to open-up that clog. The redesigned kitchen is now the heart and hub of the home. Floating soffits reach out and stitch new spaces to old.

The renovated kitchen is open and integral with the 1969 family room, framed now by the mahogany soffit and clapboard half-wall which conceals the island's counter-top. We worked closely with the craftspeople at Olive Square Kitchens to develop the integrated door and drawer pulls.


Builder: Gilman Guidelli Bellows

Cabinetmaker: Olive Square  Kitchen 

Design  team: Tim Hess, Tricia Upton, Michelle Oullette for DSA Architects

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