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Guest quarters for a big house on the Concord River, this project enlarges former studio space over a four-bay garage into a new four-bedroom ‘outpost’.

On the ground floor, both old eight- and twelve-foot garage bays remain in-place, as do the structural bones of two faceted ‘beaks’.  The complex former roof was removed for its limited use of available floor area.

A single long shed now unifies the high East side of the house and its small private individual spaces with the wide-open shared space of the lower West Side. 


Aligned with the stair-tower extruded from a former beak, a children's’ loft-library and two-sided fireplace conduct the East-West interface.


Builder: The Hartwright Company 

Design: Tim Hess-Design Principal, Justin Mello, Nathan Sawyerall for DSA Architects 

Photography: Charles Mayer Photography and Tim Hess

Photo-styling: Natalie Leighton

Stone sculpture: Todd Fulshaw

Paintings: Charles Mayer and Todd Fulshaw

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