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In the earliest years of her career, our client’s technical mastery of hair color won her designation by the Improper Bostonian as Boston’s Best Hair Colorist. Soon thereafter, she became a color educator and traveled globally with major hair-care brands. In these years experiencing a vast and inspiring rainbow of cultures and traditions, she developed a fascination with the relationship between the inner lives and outward presentations of the people she met. She began to develop her understanding that while hair color is applied superficially, one’s interior can be a true source for that color to manifest and help people present a more vibrant balanced, and authentic self.


After checking in with the receptionist, a new client’s first session often begins in-earnest with a long and in-depth conversation at the color bar. Here, aspirations are explored, suggestions are evaluated, and colors are mixed and tested. So that a client's experience here feels immersive and transformative, and they leave feeling well and balanced, and authentically themselves. We have tried to compose the spaces of the salon to give some emphasis to the movement through the sequence of spaces and thresholds. For frequent training sessions and presentations, the color bar moves on telescoping wheels and cutting stations wheels on hand trucks. Humble infrastructural materials are assembled to express their inherent qualities with integrity. The existing concrete floor was ground and polished.


Design, Design Management, Construction Control: Studio InSitu-Tim Hess, Alex McManus, Joshua LaLiberte, Natalie Leighton, Kiley Russel

Base Building and Fit-Out Builder: JBJ Construction Justin- Depietri, John Guerard

Finish Carpentry: Peck Construction- Corey Peck, Ben Davieau

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