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Pompei AD was commissioned by Discovery Channel to develop the concept and design for Discovery flagship destinations that would effectively communicate the Discovery Channel message, “Explore Your World.” The goal in creating the flagships was to bring the Discovery Channel to life by educating, entertaining and empowering people of all ages to engage their curiosity through the use of interactive displays and state-of-the-art products.


We worked closely with Discovery to determine which of the Discovery Channel’s stories would be the most evocative and engaging in this environment.

We developed complete exhibits and retail fixture systems, and the store became a platform for programs through environment, merchandise, A/V media, exhibits, attractions and events.


We collaborated with numerous specialist artisans to maintain the authenticity of the various exhibits. Exhibits included a 60,000-year-old fossilized bear cave, complete with geodes and gemstones, a Chesapeake Bay core sample, a live ant colony, a life-size skeletal cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a restoration of a B-25 airplane nose cone. A sculptural 270o-video wall was mounted, and

Pompei A.D. worked closely with the digital interactive producers to ensure aesthetic integration of the on-screen experience.


The Washington, DC flagship store was praised in the New York Times for “pushing the boundaries of retailing, combining extensive interactive displays and educational offerings in an inviting environment that makes buying an afterthought.” The flagship stores in Washington, DC and San Francisco were awarded Store of the Year in 1999 and 2000 respectively by VMSD magazine.

Design: Rom Pompei-Creative Direction, Tim Hess-Senior Designer, Greg Bradshaw-Designer, Doug Bothner-Junior Designer, John Farnum-Design Consultant, all for Pompei AD 

Architect of Record for DC store: Gensler

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