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For decades, first-time visitors had failed to find the front door of this oddly-sited Deck House. Guests tended to make their way, instead, to the courtyard intended as private. The clients loved the esthetic of the house, and wanted a design solution that would add the kind of subordinate spaces (rare in the attic-less and basement-less Deck House kit-of-parts) that would enable their favorite rooms to work better: A playroom, a storage room, an attached one-car garage... Plus a more effective invitation and orientation to the front door.

This addition distills the constituent plinth, plane, and intermediate elements from the Deck House composition, and assembles them into new relationships which emphasize their relative attributes and flatter the original without mimicry.


The new entry slips underneath the broad sheltering plane between the sloped landscape and the garage box.


Builder: Platt Builders

Design: Tim Hess-Design Director, Allen Quinn-drafter, both for Platt Builders


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