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Recent decades have drained from thousands of little towns like Groton the mix of places and functions necessary for human life. As recently as the 1950's and 60's a substantially more robust and vibrant town, Groton has devolved to become a mere bedroom community and a remote Boston exurb. (Albeit one with a theme; The town has become a 2-dimensional postcard representation of a well-preserved colonial era farm town.)

Sponsored by a non-profit land-use think-tank in New York State's Long Island, the "Build a Better 'burb" competition challenged entrants to re-vitalize that region's diminished towns. 


The Moonlight Studio was inspired to propose interventions at several sites in Groton, re-shaping a 2000's big-box complex at the town's eastern gateway, a mini-strip-mall complex in the old town's heart, and adaptive reuse of a former high school among others.


Moonlight Studio: Tim Hess-Studio Director, Harry Solie, Christian Lanciaux, Ann Walters

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