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Studio InSitu Architects


SHIFT Boston 2011 Competition entry

On a barge in Boston's historic Fort Point Channel, the increments of traditional cranberry processing are pulled-apart to shape and color an immersive experience in a sensorally engaging series of spaces for The Cranberry. The bar would float moored at the Hotel Intercontinental for 12 weeks of the fall season.

A transparent 18-inch deep plexiglass tub stores the harvest before the berries begin their descent through shaking, sorting, mashing... each step of the process is rich in expression - releasing sweet and pungent aromas...  the tart mash finally emerges in the Sea-Breezes, Cape Codders, and other cranberry cocktails in the bar below.

Design: Moonlight Studio, Tim Hess - studio director, Craig Heusser, Dylan Parker-Roach, Joni Parker-Roach, Jacob Bloom

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