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Azúcar Pavilion
Maynard, MA

Studio InSitu: Abigail Fowler, Kiley Russel, Nick King
Joshua LaLiberte, Natalie Leighton, Tim Hess

Builder: Salgado Constructions, Gerardo Salgado

photographs by Studio InSitu


This project responds to a municipal government "Extension of Premises" program, by which downtown businesses can be permitted to use public property.


Our roofed parklet raised concerns which we resolved through rigorous collaboration with several departments of town government.

Inexpensive materials are composed with dignity and order, and assembled for seasonal de-construction, storage, and re-assembly.


Instead of writing specifications, we loaded a shopping cart with the necessary pieces and parts from an online lumber and hardware retailer, and included that in our Construction Documents.

AIA Central Mass Map-2022 Awards-Final (1).png
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