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Nicholas King, M.Arch



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Nicholas King, M.Arch

Assistant Project Manager

Nicholas King is a new addition to Studio InSitu as he recently graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from Roger Williams University. During his time there Nick received a BAC Design Award and was 1st place in Comprehensive Studio Design while serving as a TA in the Digital Marketing Program and a member of the Fabrication Lab.

After graduating Nick joined a construction firm, gaining valuable experience working in Residential Construction|Construction Management and learning the rigors of planning, organizing, scheduling, directing, controlling, and finishing a project. Nicks's passion for design is rooted in sustainability and a deep curiosity about how things are put together.

His curiosity led him to study abroad in Barcelona, where he witnessed how historic European cities have transformed themselves without losing their character; growing new modern flanges that deepen their built environment and further influence our experiences and emotions. Over the last few years, he has come to realize that design is a powerful tool in enhancing everyday life, improving our relationship to the built world and the natural; that a holistic sense of place is created in recognizing the two... 

Nick enjoys viewing the world from all angles and recently acquired a Part 107 License which allows him to fly drones commercially,which he plans to use to help his design process.

In his free time, Nick also loves cooking, rock climbing, and visits to his orthopedic surgeon.

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