On the Boards: Pondside

June 7, 2018



Suggestive of its forbears, which were primarily vacation cottages, this shingle-style home incorporates many of the style's usual characteristics; numerous windows, expansive porches, and varying dormers that celebrate an interior program rather than prostrate to an exterior symmetry yet still exert a rational balance throughout the facade.

Past a sentinel of double columns on the porch, the front door leads to the main section of the home. Here the living spaces resonate with simplicity and livability. Connected by a series of  deep storage passage ways, the kitchen, breakfast room, great room, and veranda seamlessly flow together for fair-weather entertaining.

The guest and master wing are designed around separate bathrooms and closets for optimum privacy. The upper level's open expanse allows for a yoga studio or meditation room, away from the activity and noise of the lower spaces.

 First Floor

 Second Floor 

 Third Floor







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