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Weston Whitewash

Lincoln, MA

Loreum Ipsum

Loreum Ipsum

This project updated an elegant house from the firm of Royal Berry Wills.  The house sits on a gracious and deep double-lot straddling the Weston/Wellesley line.  Handsome proportions and simple details outside conceal more refinement inside.  The entry facade was modest while the rear dining room bay added personality.

The clients, active during the week and prolific entertainers during the weekend needed a home that enables graceful entertaining while being comfortable and manageable.

Our renovation made the home comfortable and easy to manage while supporting and preserving the large rooms of the original house that are well suited for large gatherings.

At the front facade, our addition subordinates itself to the main house.  At the garden facade, the grand scale of the new whole takes cues from the original Royal Berry Wills house to address the grandeur and depth of the back garden.

Tim Hess, AIA

Tim’s passion and capacity for designing authentic contextual places and comprehensive immersive environments has helped win national and regional awards for the homes, neighborhoods, flagship retail stores, and restaurants he has designed. He earned a professional B'Arch at Cornell and practiced with leading design firms in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut before moving to Massachusetts in 2004. He developed a thriving and award-winning design department in three years with a Groton Design/Build contractor, broadened and modernized the vocabulary in several years as a principal with a staid Concord, MA Architecture firm in, and integrates all of this broad experience in his new place-making practice at Studio InSitu.

Natalie Leighton

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Joshua La Liberte

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AIA CM Honor Awards for Design Excellence

November 21, 2015

On Saturday November 21st, the Central MA chapter of the American Institute of Architects presented its 2015 Honor Awards in a ceremony at the Higgins House on the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.Tim was named among the recipients for his design of Slipped Shed Studio. In designating the project an Honorable Mention for Design Excellence, a jury of New Hampshire AIA Architects called the design “fun and whimsical”, noted “the interiors are fantastic”, and cited the project’s “good solution to an insulation problem”.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

DNE places: Summer Star (we are one)

July 01, 2015

Built around provocative and inspiring quotations from the philanthropist, client, and Master of Philosophy Shalin Liu, William Morgan's story focuses on Liu's aspirations for the earthly virtues and spiritual values to be nurtured at Summer Star. Shaped, first, by the broader principles pursued by the sanctuary, the work of designing the 5200sf building became the central device for exloring questions for the 45-acre sanctuary, like how to pull any of us away from our screens and the persistent pressures of our lives in this agressively commercial American culture? How to enfold us into the gentle rythms of the earth, the seasons, the weather, the day... to nourish the spirit and provoke action - even activism. The place is conceived as a single integrated whole, to enable a coherent and immersive experience of one's own diffusion into nature.


As a Principal at his former firm DSK Architects where he was the principal designer for Summer Star, InSitu Principal and Design Director Tim Hess led the broad and deep team of consultants and collaborators. During construction, Tim launched Studio InSitu Architects Inc and contracted with Summer Star to continue this broad oversight while designing the landscape signage and kiosk, Trailhead House interiors, exhibits, custom and contract furnishings and soft goods. For the sanctuary's Linden Street Gallery, InSitu drafted a plan and a narrative which would evolve to become the Independent Curator Rebecca Smith's show, "Malcolm Wells; Earth Sheltered Architecture".


Plannin', Zonin', Rock and Rollin'

November 01, 2015

Tim was the guest on Town Planner Bill Nemser’s radio hour Planning, Zoning, and Rockin’ and Rollin’. The conversation centered around place-making issues like visual and pedestrian connectivity and cohesion, way-finding and branding in the town center and proposed Assabet Village Cultural District in Maynard, Massachusetts. The enduring legacy of Maynard's milltown roots is manifest in the scale and proximity at the core of our vibrant and cohesive “micro-city” village character. Ultimately, the nourishment of the connective tissue here will promote the satisfaction of a fuller and fuller range of Maynard residents’ vocations, pursuits, necessities and diversions.


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