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Baker Barn

Fitchburg, MA


Interiors by Studio InSitu and Tricia Upton


Architectural Design by Tim Hess 
Builder: Gardner Minuteman

Structural Engineer: Simpson Gumpetz and Heger

Landscape Architects: Tupelo Gardens


photographs by Studio InSitu.

The Bakers say they are delighted to own this incredibly beautiful building, a great example of colonial timber-frame construction, and one of a very few recent antique barn restorations in the area. One of their favorite parts of the project is the newly designed cupola.

The vertical structure emphasizes the light that comes through the cupola acting as a lantern to spread light throughout the barn.

The scale in the cupola responds to a more intimate, human scale, as you progress through the lofts each space allows you to experience and digest the barn in increasingly more intimate ways, constantly adjusting and altering your perspective and understanding of the building as you circulate. There is a sense of secutiry and comfort being fully enclosed as you ascend into the cupola.


It’s all an experience of the senses. You are initially visually teased by a space that appears distant but accessible. The experience then becomes tactile as you climb through the spaces and begin to engage with the structure. As you continue to climb through the light, reaching the top feels like you are no longer in a barn, but you are immersed in the horizon.

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