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Backyard Studio+Garage
Concord, MA
Studio InSitu Architects, Inc.
Tim Hess, Joshua LaLiberte, Nick King

Builder: JC Alternative Construction

Joao Carlos DeOliviera
Structural Engineer: Consulting Structural Engineer, Inc.

Brian Walsh, PE

Civil Engineer: Lakeview Engineering

Steven Poole

Cabinet Maker: Peck Construction Corey Peck
photographs by Studio InSitu

When multiple schemes to enlarge the existing ranch house on this parcel exceeed the project budget, this frugal scheme for a  new outbuilding showed promise. 
Cantilevers on opposing end-walls create a 30x24 second floor studio suite above a 22x24 garage.

Entry, service spaces, and a napping nook tuck under the shed roof’s low side, and the studio proper  fills the high side. 

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