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A very small house, designed to be easy and cheap to build, and with no foundation, per-se, this 480sf bunkhouse can be moved over-the-road for seasons on a family farm, weeks at a National Park, or a longer-term visit to a backyard anywhere.


A long shed roof keeps construction simple, and helps the composition respond to the biases of any site's oppositions, sun and shade, view and shelter, etc. 


(What was I thinking with the stacked block fireplace in this sketch?!  Of course that should be a Rais+Wittus Classic 86!)

Back in 2001, we imagined marketing this Tiny House. (And if not for the cost of that METROPOLIS magazine ad, we just might have!)


Should this thing be... a finished product, we wondered, built in our warehouse (?!) and shipped to your site?  ...a kit of parts pre-cut for assembly? ...maybe just a set of plans?

And shouldn't the esthetic have a name?

Maybe Modern Rustic, says it well enough...

Or Frugalism? ...a kind of Anti-Elitist Frugalism...

Frugalitarianism, maybe...


It remains nameless, and it remains the mission of our native esthetic: Find what there is to love in the essence of the most readily affordable materials, and express that love in composing and detailing them!

Design: Tim Hess

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